Othello Bookshelf

works referenced in expert commentaries

Scholarly Works

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Early Texts

Africanus, Leo. The History and Description of Africa (trans. 1600). (Britton)

Anon. Haec Vir; or, The Womanish Man (1620). (Wayne)

Anon. Lusts Dominion (1600). (Britton)

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de Meun, Jean. Romance of the Rose (late 13th c.) (Wayne)

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T. E. The Law’s Resolution of Women’s Rights (1632). (Wayne)

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Theophrastus. Golden Book of Marriage. (Wayne)

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Tilney, Edmund. Flower of Friendship (1568). (Wayne)

Vives, Juan Luis. The Office and Duetie of a Husband (1529). (Wayne)


Films, Prose, and Theater Adaptations

Baraka, Amiri. Dutchman (1964). (Cartelli)

Burge, Stuart, dir. Othello (1965). (Cartelli)

Phillips, Caryl. The Nature of Blood (1997). (Cartelli)

Nelson, Tim Blake, dir. O (2001). (Kozusko, Cartelli)

Salih, Tayeb. A Season of Migration to the North (1969). (Cartelli)

Sax, Geoffrey, dir. Othello (modern language, 2001). (Cartelli)

Suzman, Janet, dir. Othello (1988). (Cartelli)

Welles, Orson, dir. Othello (1952). (Cartelli)

Welles, Orson, dir. A Touch of Evil (1958). (Cartelli)