About This App

Our goal is to provide all readers with the powerful tools they need to understand important but difficult stuff. We designed this app to be generative and the reading process to be social rather than solitary. We hope readers will gather together around these plays to create, share, and learn. We invite you in to customize your experience. You choose the experts that meet your interests. You take and share notes with friends, classmates, or other readers around the globe. You read quietly or in the company of others.

There are more apps from Luminary Digital Media in development. Shakespeare is just the beginning. Stay tuned!

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Our experts retain copyright on their commentaries unless otherwise noted. All other content (including audio tracks and captions, descriptive prose and scholarly apparatus, glossary notes, visual design, editorial changes to the primary text) as well as design features are copyrighted (or trademarked as noted) by Luminary Digital Media LLC, 2012.

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